Restoration v. Conservation – What is the Difference?

Restoration removes the damage and replaces it with new materials and replicates the original. i.e. a hole is rewoven and ideally to a standard where new and old cannot be told apart.

Conservation will secure and maintain the original but not replace.  i.e. a hole is secured, possibly backed and sewn down onto a net or material.


How we work

Rachel, head of The Rug Studio always says that there is 2 or 3 ways to tackle each and every job, the following need to be considered in working out the best process for the rug.

1)    Traffic level

2)    Replacement value after restoration

3)    To a lesser extent but often valid sentimental value

At times Rachel may refuse to remove a border even if half is missing if she feels that long term it is better for the rug to maintain it for a future generation.  She feels we are merely ‘caretakers’ of these works of art.


What is possible?

Anything!  Rachel has worked on new commercial goods for department stores to rare collectors items. Full reweaves, replacement fringes, repiling, moth damage, flood damage, stain removal, colour run, colour replacement, rot, puppy chew. New corners, patching, reduction, mounting on a stretcher and more, please refer to the images in Restoration to appreciate the variety of work possible.



Through Rachels experience as a weaver and restorer she knows exactly what to expect from a repair and the limitations some rugs may give.  A fine antique town rug that is cracked on the edges will be difficult but not impossible to reweave an edge and only highly skilled restorers are capable of such work.  As with any specialism Rachel works with different teams internationally to provide the correct craftsmanship and budget for each project and where possible travels personally to oversee the progress.


Large Scale work

This might well be sent abroad and will be discussed with the client to ensure they understand and are happy at the prospect.



Clean it regularly, The Rug Studio recommends every 5-10 years depending on traffic levels.

Check for moth, remember moth love dark undisturbed places, i.e. under furniture.  Ideally spring clean and pull the rug out and put outside in the sun for a couple of days as this helps kill the moth eggs.

Should you drop anything onto your rug DO NOT try to remove the stain.  Blot it with a plain white rag or kitchen roll and get it professionally cleaned asap.

Please be aware if you use a chemical product or try to remove a stain yourself we are no longer able to remove the stain as it is not the stain itself we would be treating but a chemical reaction and could not say how it would turn out.

When one hoovers, hoover parallel with the fringes not over them.

Always use a good quality underlay.

Ideally do not use outdoor shoes as grit becomes stuck amongst the fibres and rubs which long term causes wear and eventually a hole.

If possible turn the rug upside down annually for a day or 2 and use upside down, this will help walk any loose grit out.

In the event your rug is valuable or rare please be aware it might be best to mount your rug and no longer use on the floor.

Mounting your rug we recommend not to have loops or pockets of tension sewn along the rug but to have a sleeve sewn all along the length to avoid future damage.

We have set sq m prices for cleaning up to specific sizes, silk and Chinese rugs will have an additional surcharge as they require more labour.



Remember that old adage a stitch in time saves 9, restore sooner rather than later, once you become aware the pile is worn and the ‘bridge’ of the knot is no longer there or the sides are pulling apart this will soon become a hole which is much more expensive to restore.


Online quotation

If you would like a quote over the internet please photograph the entire rug, a close up of the damaged areas ideally with a tape measure alongside and a close up of the reverse of the rug to show the quality.  Please be aware this will only be an approximation and not a final price until the rug is handled and ‘listened to’ to check for rot, cracking etc.


Find out more about cleaning here
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Terms and Conditions.

All prices quoted will be valid on the date given.  Should you choose not to proceed at this time but at a later date we reserve the right to requote. By agreeing to a quote you accept our terms and conditions of 30-50% deposit in advance of any work being carried out followed by full payment on collection or delivery unless prearranged with The Rug Studio. If collection of a rug is delayed please inform us otherwise a storage charge may be added at the discretion of The Rug Studio. In restoring furniture, furniture removal is not part of our job, but when required a surcharge will be made for staff insurance purposes. All work carried out and materials used are to the highest standard possible and agreed within the quote.  Stains where ever possible will be removed but in the event that a stain is not removable The Rug Studio cannot be held responsible and expect full payment for this work.  The above is a quote and may differ from the final invoice although any additional cost will be agreed by you the client before the work is carried out.  Deadlines for completion of a job will always try to be met where possible although The Rug Studio cannot be held responsible if the time over runs when a discount shall not be given.  A 20% surcharge will be added, where applicable, for turnaround less than the standard minimum six weeks.  A storage charge will be applicable if goods not collected within 2 weeks of completion unless agreed beforehand. If goods not collected after 6 months without prior agreement with The Rug Studio they become the property of The Rug Studio and may be disposed of.  Please note we are VAT registered.   We thank you for using The Rug Studio and look forward to seeing you again.   Payment is by cheque, cash, bacs or card, a 3% charge will be made for credit cards.