Each lecture has a selection of slides and hands on carpets to handle with a talk of 30 – 40 mins followed by a 20 min question and answer session. Available lectures are
   • Restoration verses conservation. 
   • The migration of design within oriental carpets. 
   • What to look for when buying an oriental carpet.



Each workshop can be held either at the rug studio or off site, normally a one day course.

Gabbeh or Kilim Weaving

Learn to warp up a small sample loom, space the warps, carry out a ‘finish’ to the rug prior to learning the art of either a knotted ‘Gabbeh’ rug or a flat weave kilim rug.

Natural Dyeing

A variety of wool or fleece is supplied with various natural dyes to sample the colours produced from plants.

Felt making

Please bring:
A supply of towels – at least 2 (they will get very wet but not stained)
Rolling Pin
Bubble wrap
Muslin or J cloths
Bamboo Mat (if possible)
Selection of different colour Merino wool tops (approx 50p per top)
(available form The Handweavers Studio or similar stockists)
Sheet of polythene (to protect table)
Jug (for hot water)
Also beads, feathers, silk pieces or fibres that can be incorporated in felt
Each participant will need tablespace and access to a supply of hot water
Please note this is quite a physical day with a lot of rolling